Central Kitsap Band Boosters was founded to lend physical and financial backing to the performing ensembles and color guard of the Central Kitsap High School Instrumental Music Department, as defined by the vision of the Director, in an effort to support the students as they strive toward higher levels of musical and personal excellence.

As an organization we strive to promote the interests and activities of the Central Kitsap High School instrumental music program.

The objectives of The Central Kitsap Band Boosters are:

  • To facilitate the partnership between the instrumental music program and the home through a variety of communication channels.
  • To promote enrichment opportunities and support for students.
  • To provide opportunity for students to earn money toward costs associated with band activities.
  • To encourage active adult member involvement in support of program events and activities.
  • To increase community awareness and support of the band program.
  • To generate funds through membership involvement in continuing fundraising efforts.
  • To build positive relationships between members and member families through various functions and events.

Our current officers are:

President: Doug Judge (pres@ckbb.org)
Vice-Presidents: Honi Matchell and Rhonda Fierstein (vp@ckbb.org)
Secretary: Robin Jensen (secretary@ckbb.org)
Treasurer: Sheila Carroll (treasurer@ckbb.org)

Musical Program Director: Michael Woods (MikeW@cksd.wednet.edu)
Guard coach: Wes Fitz (WesF@cksd.wednet.edu)